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A Juudai/Asuka(Jaden/Alexis) Shipping Community

Juudai and Asuka is Love.
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To be honest, I would have thought someone would have created this already. But no one has, so here I am, creating it for you. Aren't you grateful?

Anyway. This is a community focused on the Juudai/Asuka pairing, also known as Jaden/Alexis to people who only watch the dub. You can post fanfiction, fanart, fan-anything-Juudai-Asuka-related.


1. NO JUUDAI/ASUKA BASHING. Wasn't that a tad obvious? If you don't like the pairing, don't come here just to bash it. We don't bash whatever pairings you like, so please show us the same kindness.

2. On a similar note, no bashing of anything here, whether it's a character, some other pairing, whatever. We're trying to be a friendly community. Think you can handle it?

3. Please post any fanfiction, fanart, icons, colorbars, or anything of that sort behind an LJ-cut. It only takes an extra second of typing. It won't kill you.

4. Only post stuff related to Juudai/Asuka. In addition to being friendly, we're also trying to stay on topic.

5. If you snag anything from this community, please give credit to the original maker.

6. Have some fun, people! Just because the community's maintainer is a mindless zombie doesn't mean you have to be.

Might add more rules...eventually.

Colorbar by nevermore199:

Jaden/Alexis(Juudai/Asuka) is Love


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